The Breast implants for MTF?

HI however to complete the look as a permanent woman that i am going to be i am wondering about breast implants and why the cleavage look so ''bad'' in so many before and after shots? i will not show my breasts topless here! i have an A cup right now. i am not going for a specific cup, but for a round high profile size. i am 100% pre op right now. when in a push up bra they already look like in the pictures, that is all bra and smaller boobs pushed up with pads. but i want beautiful boobies.

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Transgender Breast Augmentation - the secret to cleavage and beautiful form

Hi Cat,
You have made a very astute observation.  Most breast augmentations performed do have a widely separated appearance and lack cleavage.  In transgender patients who are genetic males this is even more pronounced.  It is the result of the technique used by most -what the public calls "under the muscle" and what plastic surgeons call dual-plane.  the muscle which resides only above the implant tends to push the implant down and outward leading to increased separation and bottoming out with time.  This is even more pronounced in genetic males because of chest wall dynamic and the relatively stronger pectoralis major muscle.  This is why I use a technique called the "Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation."  With this technique, I leave the muscle in its natural place and lift a strong layer called fascia off of the muscle.  I use this fascia to shape the breast and create a kind of support bra inside the breast.  in this manner i have the ability to make the breast start softly just next to midline like a natural beautiful breast.  I hope this helps!
All the best,
Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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