Is It Okay to Sweat While Using Epiduo Gel?

Im outdoors a lot for school and also just because but where i live it's really hot and consequently i sweat,now im using epiduo gel for my face and i want to know if there is anything wrong with sweating while using it?like is it okay for me to wipe my sweat off my face,or is it best to let the occcasional wind blow off the sweat so i wont wipe off the gel as well?or should i just bring a towel or cloth to pat my face off? -Thanks for answering

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Sweating on Epiduo

I instruct my patients to apply Epiduo nightly prior to bedtime. In the morning, the face is cleansed with an acne wash and the Epiduo is not reapplied.  Thus, sweating throughout the day should have no effect on the Epiduo application.

Houston Dermatologist

Sweating with Epiduo gel on your face: watch bleaching on your sleeve!

Epiduo, an acne topical medication with adapalene (generic Differin, cousin of Retin-A) mixed with benzoyl peroxide, works very well when used properly, but the benzoyl peroxide part of this medication does what all BP does: BLEACH your clothing, towels, and pillowcases. So, it is not dangerous for you to sweat, and you may wipe it, as long as it stays out of your eyes, but do not wipe it on anything you care about!



Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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