Best Surgical/Non Surgical Undereye Circles Treatment?

Hello, I'm wondering, aside from topical creams and bleaching agents, what are the best options for removing or diminishing under eye circles? I'm 21, and don't want to go to the extreme of eyelid surgery (at least not yet), I have sinus issues and my circles are largely hereditary, but aside from that, I get plenty of sleep, drink water and I don't smoke and rarely drink. What laser therapy or pulsed light therapies are approved for dark circles? Any other options? Thanks!

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Best Treatment for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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Hi Mamet,

Unfortunately, hereditary dark circles under the eyes are bothersome and there is no known effective treatment.  There are no laser or IPL treatments "approved" for dark circles under the eyes.  Fraxel repair and in some cases, Fraxel Dual, have helped the dark circles in some patients.  In patients who have loss of volume under their eyes, carefully placed Restylane can help decrease shadowing. Good luck and be well.

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