How Will Surgery After Weight Loss Affect Surgery After Pregnancy?

I'm 18 and am getting a lapband soon and after I lose weight (goal 100 pounds). I will need plastic surgery to have a body I feel good about and like.

I want to have a kid or two in my late 20s. Will the results of previous Tummy Tuck and any other reshaping surgeries affect surgeries I'd have after pregnancy?

I have a small frame but have disgusting fat hanging off of me and plastic surgery is my only hope of feeling good about myself.

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Timing of post massive weight loss body contouring procedures taking pregnancy into consideration

I would discuss your pregnancy plans with your post bariatric body contouring surgeon., Some procedures may best be deferred until completion of childbirth while others will need to be repeated or revised. Your plastic surgeon can help you decide planning the timing of the numerous procedures that may be required.

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A Tummy Tuck should BEST be done AFTER , NOT BEFORE Pregnancy

The reason why skin and fat hang off and tummy muscles remain stretched and flabby after weight loss is because the muscles remains where it was left and the skin is damaged and does NOT shrink to fit the new, smaller body scaffold and frame.

In any body contouring surgery such as a tummy tuck, the abdominal wall is literally reconstructed and "taken-in" layer after layer. First, the loose, sideways located muscles are put back together. The extent to which this is done - determines the flatness of the tummy and waist narrowing. Once this is done, the abdominal skin and fat are pulled down and excess skin and fat are removed. Liposuction of the back and hips may be done to further improve buttock and hip definition. Upon completion, you could pretty much be flatter than you ever were and have a very nice figure.

At this point, if you became pregnant or massively obese again - the intra-abdominal stretching would disrupt and stretch out the muscle repair and again re-stretch the skin. But - trying to repair things later would be much more challenging than the first time around because of the scarring,

It is BEST to have this operation after ALL tummy stretching is done - after you lost your weight permanently and completed your family.

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Will plastic surgery now affect the procedures I may want after pregnancy?

Hi there-

It is possible that if you were to have a tummy tuck (for example) after losing a significant amount of weight, followed by pregnancy and children years later, that you will need to have further plastic surgery after your family is complete. This surgery may be a bit more involved because of the prior surgery and its resultant scar tissue, but would be possible for you.

In a patient like yourself, given the fact that it sounds like it is going to be up to a decade before you become pregnant, it is difficult to advise you to wait until after children to have your tummy tuck (my usual advice). In the end though, you need to weigh the benefits you'll enjoy from the time of surgery to your first pregnancy against the knowledge that you might need more surgery in the future, and that it may be more difficult.

I hope that helps you!

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