What Can I Do to Make These Two Surgery Scars on Stomach Less Visible?

I want to get these two scars completely removed, but i have been told that it is impossible. At least, I want them to be less visible. The scars are from surgery that I got when i was born 20 years ago. I have reconstructive surgery on the upper scar 2 years ago. Would laser surgery be a good option, if so what type of lasers? One Dr. told me about injecting botox into the scar to tighten up the area so it wasn't so indented... would that work? or plastic surgery? I need help!!

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Helping improve abdominal scars with laser, surgery, and scar revision

These two scars can be improved with a combination of percutaneous scar release, scar excision and layered closure, and fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing for scars. 

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Minimizing scars

What makes a scar noticeable or undesirable is a difference in color, topography (indention or protrusion) or surface texture vs. surrounding unscarred skin. Of course the wider the scar the more visilble it is as well. Also if the scar contracts it may adversely affect range of motion. There are numerous treatment modalities currently available to address each of these issues including surgical scar revision, lasers etc. Unfortunately the photo does not furnish sufficient detail to know which modality or modalities would be best in your case.

No matter what you do there is no way to completely erase any scar. The goal should be to make it less noticeable. I have no idea what botox injection would do for your abdominal scar and doing so makes no sense to me.

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