Is There Any Surgery to Remove Dark Shadow Around Mouth?

Hi, I just turned 20 about 2 weeks ago. I have a dark shadow around my mouth, and it makes me look like a monkey. I hate how it looks and it concerns me. In certain lighting, it casts a shadow and in other types of lighting the area just looks dark. Is there any surgery to sculpt that area or get rid of the fat so it sinks in, as opposed to puffing out like a monkey? I really hate it. It concerns me because I feel it is a sign of aging and I am too young for that.

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Love yourself more

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It is a bit sad to hear an attractive 20 year-old disliking themselves so much and using disparaging remarks ("look like a monkey"). "I hate how it looks...I really hate it..." are quite negative self-image statements. Unless you re-focus on the positive about you, and what we can see in the photo looks like a pretty girl, you will be setting up a lifetime of unhappiness. Please embrace the positives about you and forget searching for an external change when the change in you needs to be internal.

Dark shadows around mouth

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It is difficult to ascertain the cause of the shadow; is it fat, hair follicles, pigmentation. Depending on the cause, a variety of treament plans such as radiofrequency treatments, laser hair removal, or skin bleaching agents could be prescribed.

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There isn't a formal surgical procedure to correct this.  You may want to look into skin bleachers like hydroquinones.  More aggressive options include deeper chemical peels (ViPeel for example), CO2 or Coblation skin resurfacing.


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