Surg Increasing the Volume of the Muscle Close to the Eye in Lieu of Fillers

Is it possible to surgically thicken the muscle near the eyes to create volume in lieu of fillers (since fillers are not recommended too close to the eyes)?

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Increase Eye Muscle Volumes will NOT Improve Hollowing of Lower Lid

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increasing the volume of the thin muscles around the eye is not only impossible without damaging them and risking eye movement and double vision problems but, even if this was possible, it could NOT improve the appearance of the eye. (Consider the appearance of hyperthyroid eyes in which the eye globe appears to bulge owing to the increased swelling of the fat and muscles around the eyeball pushing it out). The use of fillers along the deep surface of the lower lid is still the best way to fill the Tear Trough area. Dr. Peter Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Surgically increasing the volume of muscles without fillers

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Although your biceps may be bulked up through exercise, muscle cannot be technically thickened sufficiently to cause and increased bulk especially in the fast twitch muscles of the eye. In other portions of the body such as the buttocks or breast, fat can be injected into the muscle to make it more thicker. This would be extremely difficult and risky in close proximity to the globe.

Fillers vs muscle for eyelids?

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The eye can not be thickened , although soemtimes the muscle layer is folded at bit if it  isnot removed during a blepharoplasty while some skin may be discarded.

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