Sun Damage Causing Wrinkles on my Legs. Will Velashape Fix This?

and how often maientience I'm not interested in weight loss or cellulite

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You could get some improvement from Velashape

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We had some good results with Velashape in cases where patients had dents and bumps. You could get some skin tightening from this procedure. As with all non-surgical procedure, I always promise less and to deliver more.

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Probably not

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You should ask your doctor for pictures of results on patients like yourself. If they can't show you any or if they show you pictures given to them by the laser company, run for the hills! If they can show you pictures, ask for the phone numbers of a couple of the patients to ask them if they are happy. If they won't produce them because of "privacy" run for the hills!

The reason I suggest all of this is that I am certain that this treatment, at its best, will give you only a very minor improvement if any change occurs at all.

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