What Do You Think About CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Treatments)?

Hello! I am a 28 years old female and a student. My overall skin is loose and lacks elasticity but my face is bothering me too much ,I have sagging cheeks and droopy mouth corners . I'm slim so does not have a very visible double chin but I feel that contours of my jowls aren't smooth too. I have heard about Caci but I'm confused, Is it good for me? Does it have any harmful effects in the long run? It is quite affordable me but I don't want to ruin my face.

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Thermage for nonsurgical facial lifting and tightening

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The treatment you mention involves visiting a spa or salon for ten visits or so and have LED light and other stimulation.  Some doctors have subscribed to the use of light but the Gentle Waves is relatively new and we don't have long term data.  Is all of this truly effective? Young people who start to get looseness may benefit by external radiofrequency such as Thermage, a treatment done in the doctor's office and is done typically once.  Then over six months after the treatment, there is continued tightening.

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