Is There Any Help for Hollow Look on the Neck Where the Collar Bones Meet?

As I've gotten older, there is this "hollow hole" effect happening with my front neck muscles protruding at hte coller bones. The skin is literally "sucked" into the gap between the collar bones with the front neck muscles forming a "V". Help! I call it stringy neck.

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Stringy Neck Treatment

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What you are describing may be neck banding from the underlying platysma muscle.  There are two treatments that may help.  You can have Botox Cosmetic injected into the bands to help relax them.  This may help smooth out the area which you are concerned about.  These treatments will have to be repeated two to three times per year to continue the effect.  Alternatively, you could have a midline platysmaplasty as part of a neck lift.  In this procedure, the platysma muscle is separated from the overlying skin and the muscle bands are sewn together.  This is a more invasive procedure than the Botox, but it will have long lasting effects.


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