Stretch Marks - Can They Be Removed with Embryonic Stem Cells?

I have alot of stretch marks form a growth spurt when i was younger. i am 18 years old and i heard in russia some beauty clinics offer illegal stretch mark removal by injecting embryonic stem cells into the marks. it then heals them completely. i really am desperate to remove them. im just worried about risk factors. what could go wrong. could it kill you?

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Use of Embryonic Stem Cells in Clinics- Not advised

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There have been very few human clinical trials using embryonic stem cells and there is not a good safety record. There are issues with teratoma formation.  I would not go to a clinic using embryonic stem cells, as safety is a real concern

However, the research for the use of adult stem cells, and stem cells from your own fat is rapidly accelerating.  Completed Clinical Trials using adult stem cells have proven safety as their endpoints. Many clinics across Europe are using autologous , minimally manipulated adult stem cells.  Some of these clinics have published their research.  While the efficacy of  treatments with adult stem cells is still not fully known, their safety has been determined. Autologous, adult stem cell therapies are safe, and viable treatments are being developed.

Adipose stem cells have shown great promise in skin rejuvenation.  I expect these procedures to move into the market place within the next few years.   My blog post below describes more about the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Below you will also find a video clip about adipose stem cells.


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