Stretch Marks on Skin Grafts?

If someone had skin grafting and the donor area has stretch marks, will the stretch marks come off as well, or are stretch marks deep deep down. I have stretch marks on my inner and outer thigh and I want them gone and I would rather have this burn like scar than have them.

I plan on doing that or using expanders then having the skin cut. Someone please let me know about wether a doctor would do this for me i really want it!

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Using lasers to treat stretch marks

You can consider laser stretch mark treatments as an alternative to other stretch mark therapies.  Lasers can work well to improve stretch marks. 

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Stretch marks

Stretch marks involve layers of the skin below the level where split thickness skin grafts are harvested from. The split thickness graft is shaved off the skin surface. With a full thickness skin graft the harvesting involves taking all layers of the skin hence the term full thickness. In the process of taking the full thickness graft the stretch mark will be removed but you will have a scar where the donor site is closed.

Tissue expanders in the limbs are very problematic and advise against going that route. There is a high incidence of the expander popping out because of the constant motion of the limbs. Also the extra tissue produced is thinner and not of the same quality as normal limb tissue. Tissue expanders work much better on the torso as it does not move as much and in the head and neck area because the blood supply there is so much better than on the limbs. The situation is different in babies and small children because they are growing so rapidly. I have had good results with a serial excision technique on the limbs as long as the area to be removed is not too large.

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