Can You Surgically Remove Breast Stretch Marks?

Is it possible to remove stretch marks on the breast by surgically removing and pulling the skin taut?

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Yes, but this depends on their location and your breast contour. For example, if your breasts are sagging then a breast lift can be performed. This involves removing tissue to firm the breast, and if stretch marks exist on that tissue to be removed, then you may achieve the result you want. The same goes for breast reduction. 

Implant or lift may help breast stretch marks

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It is very difficult to remove stretch marks. Tightening the skin with an implant or a breast lift can help. A stretch mark is a full thickness skin problem. Basically, the dermis is absent and there is only a thinned out epidermis left. Skin with a lot of stretch marks has obviously lost most of its elasticity. Re-filling the loose skin envelope can help make them less noticeable.

Possible, but trade for scars

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A mastopexy "keyhole" pattern gets rid of a lot of stretch marks, raises the nipple, improves symmetry, and improves the shape of the breast. However, the procedure leaves scars. On the other hand, many women report that stretchmarks don't appear as bad after breast implants. Unfortunately, the stretch marks will always be there, but they fade from red to silver over time, and look better because of that.

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