One-year-old with Persistant Scalp Rash

Since birth my son had the normal cradle cap at about 3 months in went away. Since about 4 months old my son developed some papules on his scalp, looked like a folliculitis. Dermatologist said seborrhea did all the treatment for months. He is now almost 1 and still having bumps. On septra for 1 month.

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Rule Out fungus

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   Although your child is young for ringworm of the scalp ( tinea capitis). ( As a rule, infants do not produce enough sebum conducive for the growth of a fungus.) However, if this has not been ruled out, a fungal culture would be a good idea. 

   Dermatologists, even the most savvy of us, can be fooled by fungus infections. 
   If the fungal culture is negative, it should be repeated. Ever since the government foolishly began to regulate fungal cultures in their dumb effort to increase the cost of medical care, ( CLIA 89) we constantly have had false negatives.

   If still negative, and other attempts to treat seborrheic dermatitis have failed ( I like Dermasmoothe or Carmol scalp application), a small biopsy might be indicated. 

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