Small Cut on Forehead - Walked into Door. How Will It Heal?

Around 11 days ago i walked into a wooden door frame and cut my forehead. It was a straight cut around 1.5cm long and 1mm wide, not so deep but it bled for a few minutes and i had a bump to my head. It scabbed over pretty much the same night. Now, it is like a thin darkish (compared to the surrounding skin) line, and i was wondering how i can expect it to heal of the next few weeks and what might be the end result. Thanks very much for any advice, i am anxious over this.

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Tips to improve a forehead scar

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There are steps to take to improve healing of the scars.  I would recommend topical Melarase cream to reduce hyperpigmentation and topical silicone therapy for the scars with massage. 

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Forehead scar post walking into door 10 days out

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You are very early in your post cut program.  Keep it clean.  Usually some antibiotic ointment is helpful early.  Our office likes some different scar creams.  Don't smoke.  Keep it out of the sun.  All that said, scars often look worse at 4 months and then better at 10 months.  Most plastic surgeons won't do scar revision until a year after the injury.  

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Small Cut on Forehead - Walked into Door. How Will It Heal?

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This will likely heal quite well. At about 6 weeks I've dermabraded similar scars to help them blend in. If you have an objectionable scar after about 12 months it can be revised surgically. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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