Severe Peeling Around Mouth, What Could This Be, And What Treatment Options Are There? (photo)

Hi there, i was wondering if i could get an opinion on the condition of my skin? i have severe dry and flaking skin around my mouth /chin area and wondered what would be the best treatment for this? many thanks in advance, jenn

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You have irritated your skin..

It appears that you have been working diligently to try and control your acne, and have either applied something to your skin that irritated your skin, or perhaps you have been too vigorous when cleaning your skin.

Because of the type of acne that you have, there is inflammation within the skin..not just where there is a visible pimple, but across the entire area. That means that you have to be careful and not over-do the cleaning and topical acne treatments. 

Many of us will try something new on our skin, and our skin doesn't like whatever we're doing to it, so the skin will try to "push off" the irritated cells (it's called post-inflammatory desquamation). The skin is our barrier organ, so it's just doing it's job. A "quick-fix" when this happens is to go the the store and buy over-the-counter cortisone ointment(Cortaid) and apply it 3 times a day for no more than 2 days.

I hope this helps you and that you have a good day. Regards.

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