Large Hematoma In Abdomen Already Drained 4x- What Is My Next Step?

At first someone told me it was a seroma. But, it is not and is a hematoma. It has been drained four times at least. And, is still huge. One doctor told me I will need surgery. Worried about scarring and internal scar tissue also. What things can be effected by having a large hematoma in one's abdomen? Kind of scary.

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Chronmic hematoma after tummy tuck

The problem with a chronic hermatoma or seroma is that after time a pseudo-bursa, or membrane, can form.  Once this happens the fluid collection is likely to reform until the membrane is surgically removed.  I usually start with a drain and if things do not improve a trip to the operating room is required.

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(Recurrent) Large Hematoma In Abdomen Already Drained 4x- What Is My Next Step?

More history is needed. ? Surgery ? Medications which may prolong bleeding time ? How was it "drained4x". Understanding WHY this happened is as important as HOW it is treated.

A recent hematoma is usually gelatinous  for the most part and cannot be drained with a needle or even placing a drain. For this reason often the best way to do it is return to the operating room and remove the large clot, look for a potential on going bleeding source and stop it.  I suspect this was not done here.

Your surgeon should be experienced enough to differentiate a seroma from a hematoma and offer you the appropriate treatment.

Good Luck.

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