What Alternatives To Accutane Can Correct Sebacious Hyperplasia and Hypertrophic/Keloid Scarring On Nose?

Two problems on my nose. How can I treat the Sebaceous Hyperlasia without using Accutane(Derm offered it, but I refused)? What can I do about the raised scars? These scars have a psychological impact on me. One is 3 months old and other is 12 years old. My dermatologist (5 years practice) won't help me much more. He just gave me medication to treat acne. I live in southern tip of Texas and can't find an experienced dermatologist who could treat these problems.

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Sebaceous hyperplasia and scars on the nose can be best treated with laser resurfacing

With light colored skin it is easy to resurface the nose using a fractionated CO2 laser or a standard CO2 laser.  The standard resurfacing treats the entire skin area and requires about 14 days of healing time.  The fractionated laser treats a fraction of the skin (with tiny areas of normal skin left in between) and takes about 5 days to heal.  A board certified Dermatologist who specializes in laser surgery would be the physician to talk to regarding your treatment.  Best to you.

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