Scar at 3.5 Weeks Looking Worse?

My son crushed open the tissue on his chin, 4 weeks ago (in 2 days) he had absorbable stitches inside, non absorbable (6) outside. He also got some road rash. It looked great about 1 week after stitches were out. Almost 3 weeks after, it looks more red/pink. He is 3yrs old and picked up a cold. I'm worried its getting infected now? Is that possible at this point. No fever, it doesn't feel warm, but it looks more pink and red than it did a week ago? Is this normal?

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Scars and maturation process

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I would recommend you see the physician who did the stitching to assess the scar. A infection is unlikely given the time frame and also based on the story that you are giving, however only a physical examination can help assess that. At 3.5 weeks it is still too early to judge what the final outcome will be. 

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