Is Sauna Good for Acne?

Hi everyone, I was wondering is Sauna will make the Acne/Whiteheads worsen? Then sauna have Dry Sauna and Steam Sauna.. May I know which one is good for cleaning the skin and slowly cure the acne? Thanks AC

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Re: Are Saunas Good For Acne

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The idea behind saunas in general is for the heat to open up the skin pores to clear out any blockages present. However they will dry out the skin. This may not be ideal if you have sensitive skin or conditions like Rosacea, eczema or dermatitis. Pregnant women in their first trimester should avoid them as they have been linked to neural tube defects according the Journal of American Medical Association. 

The results from saunas will be different for different people. Lasers, like the Spectra system for example give far more predictable outcomes that are consistent with standard time frames. They specifically clear blockages and address the oil producing sebaceous glands so that they secrete less oil. 

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Saunas are bad for the skin!

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Saunas in general are bad for the skin. I don't recommend them, or hot tubs, or extremely hot water. Dry, wet, steam, etc. it doesn't matter. The heat is the problem and it will cause damage to your skin. It is not a solution for acne at all.

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