What's the best treatment to get rid from post acne red scars? What's the duration of treatment by fraxel? (photos)

Iam male 28 years old I had sever acne since 5 years ago and I was used accutane for one year ,now I don't have new acne unless I want to get rid from the red marks of acne , I made fractional laser 3 times in last 2 months but still I can't get rid of scars.

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Multiple method over many months for acne scars

You have very difficult scars to treat, however given the correct method over months we can expect to improve these scars by up to 50-60%. I use a combination of microneedling INSULATED RF, together with PRP, fractional lasers, and surgical procedures plus fillers to get the end result. Video explain in more detail. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Acne Scars and Redness

The V-beam laser is the best treatment to remove redness and marks from previous acne.  The deeper scars may require a combination of fillers and eMatrix laser to remove these scars.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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Acne scar treatment

Good morning and thank you for your question. 

 A fraxel laser is certainly a reasonable treatment for acne scars and may take a series of 4 treatments, done on a monthly basis.   We use a nonablative erbium laser in our office (like Fraxel) and have had excellent success with it.  

In your case, because the Fraxel wasn't as effective, you may want to go with a CO2 laser as this may be a little more aggressive.  I'd recommend pursuing a dermatologist in your area who uses this kind of laser.  

Check out the attached article that has a lot of helpful information.

You will want to make sure that you avoid sun exposure before, during and after your treatments.

Hope this helps!

Dr. L

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