Several microneedling treatments - what's next for rolling acne scars? (photos)

After 1 Fraxel in January '16 and 5 microneedling with PRP since (dermapen not home needling), I find myself still frustrated with my acne scarring. While there has been improvement I'm trying to find the next best step. Should I continue with microneedling or look into subcision? I am not interested in further Fraxel because of complications. Photos aren't the clearest but the pigmented areas are rolling scars. Both are the same side but the other side is slightly less severe. Scars are shallower.

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On the right track--microneedling/prp, lasers, subcision and fillers for acne scarring

A combination approach would be best. I recommend microneedling/prp for acne scars combined with lasers, subcision and fillers. I recommend getting a formal consultation with an acne scarring expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Infini and Bellafill next step for acne scars

I don't promote microneedling with PRP as a great breakthrough for acne scars. I think its overhyped. I would try Infini +/- Bellafill for the acne scars. You clearly have volume loss that needs filling with the Bellafill. It is the only FDA approved filler for acne scars. It usually takes at least 2 treatments to get improvements.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Acne scars

If you acne scars are deep, they may require deeper treatment with an ablative and fractional laser.  I suggest you get an opinion from a different physician, either a board certified Plastic Surgeon, or Dermatologist.  As there are several ways to treat acne scarring, physicians trained and familiar with the skin will best help to decide which modality will be ideal for you.  If your doctor that did the laser does not have a deep laser to manage these scars, I suggest you get another assessment and opinion.

Samuel Shatkin, Jr., MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon
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