I got my second piercing on my earlobe about 3 weeks ago and it's swollen. Is there an infection? (photos)

I got my second piercing on my earlobes about 3-4 weeks ago and the swelling and pain went away on the 4th day, but suddenly last night my right ear started to give off some heat so I went to go clean it and saw that it was bleeding and very swollen, it didn't have discharged or any pain. I got a cartilage piercing on that ear too so I haven't been sleeping on that ear so I don't know why it was swollen. I clean it in a daily too. Is it infected?

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Keloid potential with a piercing

You may want to remove the piercing, clean the area, and apply Plato's Scar Serum to reduce the risk of scarring or keloid. 


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