How to get rid of these tiny dark brown spots on my legs? What are the possible treatments? (Photo)

I have these tiny dark brown spots on my legs since I was a child since I am allergic to dust when I was younger. Insect bites can cause red spots on my legs and after weeks it will leave a dark spot on my legs. I've tried several creams already but I guess those are not effective since my scara are still visible. I am not confident on wearing dresses or skirts because of these scars. Please give me an advice what to do. Thanks in advance!

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Pigmentation on Legs

It is very hard from the photos to discern what is going on, but it appears as if you have what is called "post inflammatory hyperpigmentation."  This is pigment that develops after a trauma or irritation, likely due to your previous history of bites or cuts on your legs.  You will need to see a cosmetic dermatologist who has training in lasers.  You will likely need a combination of topical treatments with bleaching, vitamin A and C, and sunscreen.  There are options such as microdermabrasion (silkpeel), chemical peels, or lasers that may be useful.  But sometimes no treatments are affective for this, and you need a formal evaluation to determine what may or may not be helpful.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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