How Do I Get Rid of Millia and Get Flawless Makeup on Milia Skin?

Im 15 and have lot of milia on nose,chin,forehead&under eyes& some on cheeks& around mouth but not noticeble. After applying makeup,it looks bad as my makeup stays on top of & between milia,not flawless looking. why am I getting this. We went to my family doctor and he gave my brother& I an oilcontrol foamwash and mosturizer but got no results.I want this milia gone! im so self concious. I do have some on back of upper arm & thighs but it is not similar to my face and im just concerned about my face for now.

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Please consult a dermatologist who can assess your skin to see if you do have milia.  They usually need to be extracted.  Oil-free products, exfoliation and tretinoin cream may help.  You may have keratosis pilaris on your arms and thighs, not related to milia.  Exfoliation and tretinoin cream help this condition as well. 

Toronto Dermatologist

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