How to Get Rid of Fine Lines Under my Eyes Caused by an Eye Make Up Remover?

I'm 21 and I tried this new eye makeup remover that burned my skin the minute I put it on. I ignored the burning at first and rubbed my closed eye with it to remove my makeup. It got it off and then I went to bed and the next morning, I woke up with fine lines under my eyes. I woke up with the lines 2 days ago and they haven't gone away at all and I'm really worried. I'm moisturizing now but it hasn't seemed to lessen at all. Please help and tell me how I can get rid of these fine lines?

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Fine lines after makeup removed

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Its not unusual to have temporary dehydration of the skin with the appearance of fine lines after removing makeup since the skin around the eyes is so thin and sensitive. This will soon resolve with good moisturizing, and in some cases a few days of a mild topical steroid for any inflammation or redness.

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