How Can I Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles? (photo)

I realized that sleeping on the side of my face was the main cause of the wrinkles, so I started wear Smooth Sleepers (facial tape) and it works very well, as long as I don't laugh or smile. I live in Tokyo, but I'll be back home in Houston in November. I'm looking for a doctor who is able to give me treatment while I'm there. I got a little Botox under my eyes for the first time yesterday because I figured it was worth a try. I don't see any change at all yet and the doctor says I might not.

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Under-eye wrinkles

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If under-eye wrinkles are present because of loose skin of the lower eyelid (and not a different cause such as atopic dermatitis or allergies), then tightening of the skin with chemical peeling or laser resurfacing can reduce the wrinkles.  You may want to undergo a trial of a good eye cream first, for a month or two, before undertaking the risks associated with a laser or peeling procedure.

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