How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles?

Hello, how can I get rid of or lesson these wrinkles (when smiling)? I had restylane injected under eyes 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am not interested in Botox under eyes. Are they a result of swelling or overfill? Thanks!

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Under Eye Wrinkle treatment

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Eye Wrinkles Management - first of all it may have been caused by the filler injection you had before. If so it will go away with time or hyaluronidase also called Wydase can be injected to speed the process.

An exam would be required to offer the best advice but here are some options that help many with your similar problem but without prior fillers:
Use of fillers - such as Restylane, Juvederm or other HA fillers - especially if there is hollowing beneath your lids
Make sure you wear sunglasses when it is bright outside and use visual correction if needed - that is because squinting may be a cause of these wrinkles
Use of peels or laser - TCA peel or Fractionated lasers may also help
Use Retin A at night and moisturizers to help thicken the dermis and minimize wrinkling
Botox - not used beneath your eyes but effective for Crow's feet area

How to get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles after a Dermal Filler Injection

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With no photos I will answer with the most common cause of under eye wrinkles after filler injection and how I treat them.

  • To start with the skin beneath the eye is the thinnest on the body. Therefore we can see any irregularities much easier.
  • It sounds as though your filler injection may have beenw placed in a more superficial space beneath the skin there by causing the wrinkles that you see.
  • This happens often and will subside as the filler absorbs.
  • But in the meantime place a drop or two of a light moisturizer on your finger tip and massage the effected areas twice per day for about 1 week.  This will flatten the injected filler and reduce the wrinkles. 
  • I would avoid any skin treatments until your problem is resolved for they may only worsen your situation  
  • Follow the link below and it will give you some helpful tips on treating your concerns.  Good Luck

Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon
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Eye Wrinkles

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Anika. Thank you for your question.  It would be ideal to see pictures of what you are referring to. When injecting fillers under the eye, it is a little difficult to inject the ‘perfect amount’ as a small amount of filler makes a big difference. If you are not interested in additional fillers or Botox, I would recommend you consider Exilis. Exilis is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment. Here in our Atlanta office, we have found many patients achieve great skin tightening results with no downtime. Exilis promotes collagen formation which assists in tightening the skin and getting rid of the fine lines & wrinkles.


Good Luck

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Stanley Okoro, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Under Eye Wrinkles

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Hi Anika.  To determine if the wrinkles under your eyes are the result of injections or something else, we would need to see pictures before and after the injections.  Please post these and we can help.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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