I Used Retin A and an Exfoliating Pad 2 Days After Photofacial. Is That Bad?

I was not told not to use exfoliating pads or retin A after a photofacial and I did. Did I mess up everything I just had done? I had it done on a Monday, used Retin A on Tues. night and an exfoliating pad on the 3 day. Please let me know if I made anything worse!

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Photofacial and Retin-A use

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I recommend no Retin-A and exfoliating for at least one week after a photofacial.  You will be fine, but just make sure to protect your skin from sun exposure immediately after your photofacial. 

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You will recover from this.

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I would advise that you lighten up.  You are beating up the skin excessively.  We advise no exfoliation or Retin A for a week after a photo facial.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Retin-A and exfoliating post Photofacial

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Retin-A and exfoliating are not recommended due to the sensitivity of your skin post procedure. No, you didn't "mess everything up"  but I'm unsure why you did them if you knew it wasn't recommended. For best results, follow the directions for pre- and post-care and you'll have an improved outcome and no worries. It's not necessary to exfoliate (ever!) and the Retin-A will irritate your skin during a Photofacial series; additionally Retin-A can make you more sensitive to light, so you could get a light burn if you do it too close to your treatments! Be careful and follow the instructions from your office - that's your best bet.

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