How Do I Remove an Old Burn Scar on my Left Thigh?

I have an old burn scar on my left thigh when i was 10 years old the iron had fallen on my leg when I was ironing, Because of this I can't wear shorts,I have kealoid and hyper pigmentation skin. I'm using bleaching cream now to lighten it ,Please help this clumsy mistake is destroying my self esteem.

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Treating an old burn scar on dark skin or african american skin with Melarase creams

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Old burn scars on dark skin can be retextured using topical Melarase AM and Melarase PM creams followed by fractional laser resurfacing. Melarase PM can help control the tyrosinase enzyme and has clinical efficacy in improving skin discoloration. 

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Fractionated laser therapy works for burn scars

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First, the picture is excellent and I want to reassure you that the scar is NOT a keloid.  It is nothing more than a burn scar with some hyperpigmentation.  Fractionated laser therapy will do an excellent job, but understand that the therapy will cause temporary hyperpigmentation that will ultimately fade, but never say always.  The pigmentation from the laser will really be no different form the scar except that it may be a bit more uniform and geometric and will likely fade in about a month.  

Good luck.  

Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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