I Have Red Blotches over my Skin Any Idea What It Could Be? (photo)

recently I've noticed these red rash like blotches over my skin and I am unsure whether it's serious enough to go to the doctors or something that a cream will soothe

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Rash-like blotches on skin.

Thanks for the photos, though in-person examination and scraping for microscopic determination of fungal organisms would be ideal.

Or you could simply try topical Lotrimin (anti-fungal cream) twice daily for a week or so. If this is fungal, it should respond nicely. If not fungal in origin, no harm will come from using an antifungal cream when no fungal infection is present. If the rash persists after Lotrimin, then you can try topical cortisone cream in the weakest over-the-counter strength available.

If these two don't work, I'd go see a Dermatologist!. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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