Who Are the Best Rated Plastic Surgeons in the San Francisco Area?

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...and the Title of BEST PLASTIC SURGEON goes to....

It always amuses me when I hear people commenting that this or that surgeon is God's absolute gift to Plastic Surgery - THE BEST Plastic Surgeon who ever breathed and held a scalpel. 

As a surgeon , I like it when my patients like like me. I know I am a good Plastic surgeon, my family, especially, my mother and daughter, think I am great, but am I "the best Plastic Surgeon"?  I'll let my patients and my legacy determine that.  It is particularly sad and pathetic when Plastic surgeons actually believe their own press clippings and crown themselves as "the best".

The fact is that unlike a track or a swim race, or TV's Iron Chef, we cannot line 10 or more Plastic surgeons in an arena, put identical patient clones on each of the 10 or more OR tables, put them to sleep and watch the surgeons compete/operate on big screens (Extreme Makeover / Swan / Dr90210 eat your hearts out!). Under such circumstances, you MAY equally judge which surgeon produces the best results / shortest time combination and such a winner MAY earn the right to THE BEST.

In the real world, we operate on very different individuals in private settings (except, of course, for those of us who vastly increase their income and their reputations by selling their patients' privacy on TV or the Internet).  That makes it impossible to say WHO really is THE BEST.  Who is to say if a good surgeon operating In New York or Miami is somehow not as good as a 90210 surgeon? or vice versa?

All American major cities have become very highly competitive Plastic Surgery markets where market share determines everything and where unfortunately many have resorted to less than tasteful much less ethical marketing and advertising. ALL highly visible Plastic surgeons have hired PR agents who get these surgeons on TV and Radio. If you have seen or heard them - they have PR agents. Does this though really make them THE BEST?

One last warning - Plastic surgeons who are Members of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons are EXPRESSLY and clearly forbidden from touting themselves in exclusive superlatives (such as THE BEST, most outstanding, second to none, the leader, etc). IF you see any marketing that claims it - you are dealing with a NON-Plastic surgeon.

So how to choose a GREAT Plastic surgeon? San Francisco MANY great plastic surgeons. Each is known for excellence in one to several procedures. Ask around. Ask other surgeons who they would send their family members to. If you hear a name repeatedly mentioned, you may have found your surgeon. See him and find out.

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