How to Raise Post-surgery Concerns with a Surgeon

I'm unhappy with the results of a surgery performed many months ago, and wish to raise this with the doctor who performed it. I'm very nervous about doing this - I don't want to provoke an offended reaction or appear like I'm attacking his ability (I'm not). I just want to express my thoughts, find out what was done, and discuss what options I have to improve things. What's the best way to make contact with his office and approach the issue sensitively without being ignored or provoking anger?

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What to do if you are unhappy with your plastic surgery.

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Despite the best efforts of any surgeon, there are patients that will not achieve their desired results.  Most times, when this happens the surgeon is just as aware of the short-coming as you are.  When you bring it up, they likely will not be surprised, nor offended.  The one thing that patients should know is that a good plastic surgeon wants to know that you are not satisfied.  If you leave my office unhappy, it is unlikely that you will recommend me to your friends and colleagues. 

Here is my advice for dealing with this problem:

  • Be organized.  Write your concerns down before you arrive. 
  • Be objective and specific.  i.e. "I don't like this bump" rather than "my nose looks terrible"
  • Don't make it personal.  Attacking your surgeon's competence is unlikely to be helpful.
  • Be patient.  Many problems resolve with time. 
  • Consider a second opinion.  If you have any doubt at all, see someone else. 

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Surgery results

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If youa re not happy with the results, you have the right to discuss this with your doctor and work on a remedy so that you are happy.

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