Best Procedure for Dark, Sunken Circles Under the Eye? (Age 18)

I am only 18 years old and I have fair skin. I have had these sunken in dark circles as long as I can remember. I look tired and sickly all of the time and I HATE them!I do not have a good picture to show but basically they are sunken in under the eye and purple/ blue.. BUT it is not only the discoloration it is VERY sunken in. I have read dangers of injecting fillers. Is the arcus marginalis the BEST solution? I was also wondering a price range! Please help!

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Best Treatment for Dark Sunken Circles Under the Eyes

Hi Colleen,

Dark, sunken circles under the eyes are a very difficult problem to completely correct.  Most patients can get good improvement with the addition of volume in the eye hollow with either Restylane or Sculptra.  With increased volume, the shadowing is less harsh.  Some patients have found improvement with fractionated CO2 lasers such as Fraxel repair or Total FX.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Sunken lower lids

Arcus marginalis release is only applicable if you have fat bulging out that can be re-draped into the tear trough.  I doubt you have that.  Fillers done by a doctor, not a nurse or an "injector" are the way to go but you will need to repeat them yearly.

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