3 Procedeures at Once - Is This Safe for a Crohn's Patient?

I am a 22 yo mom, I weigh about 108 lbs. and I am 5'4. My son was a large baby, was delivered by csection, & I was left with a lot of sagging skin on my small frame, as well as slightly sagging breasts from brstfeeding for 7 mos. A few mos after giving birth I got very sick and found out I had Crohns disease. I have been mostly well since my onset almost two years ago, (with a few exceptional flares).surgeon wants to do a brst lift,375cc implant & tummy tuck,all at once, is this safe?

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Crohn's and multiple cosmetic procedures

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Depending on the remission of your condition as well as associated medications, I would consult with your gastroenterologist regarding your overall health status. Patients with Crohns can undergo this combination of procedures.

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Mommy makeover and Crohn's disease

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It is safe provided you are cleared medically by the doctor who treats your Crohn's disease, your surgery is performed in a certified operating room, your surgeon is capable and your aftercare is appropriate. Certain medications can delay the healing process though and that should be taken into account when planning surgery and the aftercare.

Aaron Stone, MD
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3 Procedeures at Once - Is This Safe for a Crohn's Patient?

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Hard to advise over the internet. If you have a written medical clearance from your G.I. doctor than OK. But if you were my patient I would split up the surgeries for the most saftey. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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Safety of Mommy Makerover in a Woman with Crohn's Disease

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One of the frustrating facets of the set of symptoms associated with Crohn's inflammatory bowel disease is that it comes and goes, has different severities and therefore requires different management. If you are otherwise healthy and your Crohn's is your only worry, I would have your GI doctor discuss your medical regimen with your Plastic surgeon. some medications used in more advanced forms of the disease blunt the immuve response but may also increase potential infection rates and impede wound gearing. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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