Post Sugery Fractional Laser?

I am having surgery for compartment syndrome and I am going to have 2 large scars on both calve muscles. I am worried the scarring will ruin my legs, I have seen post surgery fractional laser can greatly reduce scarring 6 weeks post surgery , but I am sceptical, can u get good results from having fractional laser treatment 6 weeks after having surgery? or what would be the best option to reduce scaring? can u please get back to me ,thanks

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Pulsed Dye Laser and Fractional Laser for leg scars

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Fractional lasers can improve scars, as do pulsed dye laser treatments.  I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon before surgery and then speak to a plastic surgeon immediately thereafter. 

Fractional lasers for scar improvement

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Fractional laser can certainly improve the appearance of scars. I would recommend you carefully select the person you see for this however as these lasers require advanced training and not just a weekend course in lasers. A dermatologist with training in lasers would be your best bet as these lasers were invented and developed by dermatologists. 

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