What cosmetic procedure would help this hole in my face? Popped blackhead. (photos)

Fourteen years ago I popped a blackhead that left a hole in my face. Over the past six months it has gotten larger and people are starting to acknowledge. What cosmetic procedure would help with this? Since it's on my face Id want minimal scarring.

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What cosmetic procedure would help this hole in my face? Popped blackhead

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Thank you for the photo is really helps answer your question. You would benefit fro excising this depression since it is very deep and any other treatment probably will not help build up that tissue. After the excision you will have a very small scar that can be treated with dermabrasion after about 4 to 6 weeks. This will allow for the best scar. Find a Plastic Surgeon and have a consultation to see what he advises but it can definitly be improved. I wish you luck!

Black spot

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A hole from a old popped blackhead should not get larger.  It appears to be an enlarging pigmented skin lesion, for which I would recommend a punch biopsy to rule out skin cancer.  

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