My Pores Are Really Large and my Skin Thick. Can I Really Fix This?

Is there anything I can do about this? I'm becoming so self conscious. I have to load on the makeup to "fill" in the pores. Then they get blocked because I still have very oily skin. This also seems to make them larger. Is there anything that will help or is this skin something I just have to accept and cover with makeup for the rest of my life?

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Treatment of large pores

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I have found over two decades of treating facial imperfections including acne scars that pore size is a condition that may or may not improve with any resurfacing but of all treatments, more of my patients have had improvement with Fraxel Restore laser resurfacing than with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, carbon dioxide laser ablative and non-fractional or fractional.  Multiple sessions are needed and done a few weeks apart.  Realize that pores will always exist. They are the openings of the skin from where the hair follicle was meant to exit, even if there is no hair in that area on your facial skin.  Smaller openings exist from sweat gland ducts but these are less noticable.  A pore's vertical wall may not extend deeply via a straight line tapering more and more narrow as shown in diagrams.  Some pores walls, especially in skin that had been affected by acne scarring in the past, may have wider diameters as you go deeper in an irregular way.  If resurfacing were to merely plane down the skin thickness, then the pore diameter could, in some areas, become wider rather than more narrow! For this reason, I believe that the Fraxel Restore helps by inducing more of your own collagen production brining the pores bottom, up more to the surface.Fraxel Repair may help too but this has more down time and more risk than the fraxel restore.  I suggest to many of my patients, if they are concerned, and before embarking on a costly treatment that may or may not help, or make things  worse, that they try a test spot in a more remote area than the central face.

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