Plastic Surgery Procedure to Remove Fat from Armpits?

I have extra fat under my armspits. I am thinking about plastic surgery. I have the fat tissue on both sides for five years now. Because of this, I don't date. I wanted to know how much it will cost to remove it?

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Removal of fat from armpits

Your plastic surgeon can guide you through whether you have breast tissue in the armpit, excess weight on your body or excess fat in the armpit itself.

It is fairly straightforward to remove fat from the armpit for an experienced plastic surgeon. There are a number of important structures in the armpit such as the nerves to the arm, the blood vessels that supply the arm, the chest cavity with spaces between the ribs, and the lymph nodes that drain the arm. A plastic surgeon who is certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery has operated on each many times and is unlikely to injure them inadvertently.

The cost varies, depending on which of the above problems causes the fat in the armpit, from zero (weight loss) to many thousands for liposculpture of the axillary area.

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Fullness in armpits: axillary fat or breast tissue?

You may want to see a general surgeon to make sure that you don't have axillary breast tissue. This is breast tissue that extends to the armpit. It tends to demonstrate monthly variation like the rest of your breast tissue. It typically is best treated with excision through a small axillary scar.

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Excess Tissue Under Armpits Is Either Extra Adipose Tissue Or Extra Glandular Breast Tissue

Nothing should rob you from your sex life or dating. If your excess fat tissue under your armpits is bothering you, you should seek a qualified plastic surgeon to evaluate your situation and provide you with all options available.

Excess tissue under armpits is either extra adipose tissue or extra glandular breast tissue. Sometimes both. Your doctor will be able to tell you more about your unique situation.

Excess fat tissue can be liposuctioned, while excess glandular tissue will have to be extracted surgically.

Make sure you seek a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience with axillary tissue removal. You have delicate nerves, veins and arteries in your axillary region and only an experienced plastic surgeon will be able to provide smooth results with minimum scarring.

Best of luck,
Dr. Franco-Webb

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Armpit fat

First you have to diagnose what you call fat in the armpits. The breast gland does extend to the anterior or front part of armpit area and what may look as a bulge of fat can actually be breast gland. This gland, if fatty, can by suctioned, but if it is dense gland, it might need to be surgically excised. Suctioned directly into the armpit should done cautiously as there are major arteries, veins, and nerves in this area.

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Liposuction of under arms

Yes, it is possible to perform liposuction of the underarms. The price varies from doctor to doctor and from city to city. On average, you should expect anywhere between $4000 and $10,000 total cost for the procedure.

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Armpit fullness

Fullness in the axillary region may be axillary breast tissue. This can be treated by simple excision. If it is strictly fat, then it can be treated with liposuction.

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