Plastic Surgery for Stiff Lump on Lower Lip Down to Chin?

Due to a recent car crash, I had a stiff lump on part of my lower lip down to the chin. It makes speaking, eating, and drinking a bit difficult without dripping some water out. There were about 7 stitches (already removed) around that area, inside and outside my mouth. How can I rectify this? Does it require plastic surgery? I've just been rubbing vitamin E oil to that area so no effect just yet. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hypertorphic scar of face

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You may want to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation to determine if there are surgical options for correction but it is most likely that the scar will soften with time. Unfortunately this may take a minimum of 4-6 months. If you have excessive scar tissue, steroid injections may be beneficial as well as topical silicone formulations. However, massage and time are most likely to result in the best outcome.

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