What Procedure Could I Have Done for a Crooked Mouth?

My face was very swollen for about 2 days due to a infection. My mouth is now crooked, my mouth is set more to right side of my face. What type of procedure would help me to set my mouth back?

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May be due to swelling.

You did not specify how long after the infection you are currently at. I would do nothing for at least 3 weeks prior to considering any intervention which could potentially make it worse.

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Would need a consultation and exam

First it depends on what kind of infection and how much time has elapsed since the infection. It may just be some continued swelling that will subside in a few months. There is also the possibility that you may have has a facial nerve palsy and may or may not get better. In order to answer your question you need to see a plastic surgeon for consultation.

Kari L. Colen, MD
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"Crooked mouth"

More specific information would be needed to answer your question. When was the infection; how much time has past since then; what do you mean by "crooked" - is it crooked at rest or while smiling or both; etc. Certainly an evaluation by a plastic surgeon can determine the anatomic problem that exists, whether there is any nerve damage, etc., and then help you decide as to what can be done to address your concerns or even wait until all of the swelling and infection as well as post infection maturation of the skin has occured.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
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