Plastic Surgery for Someone with a BMI of 40+?

I'm still fairly young (early 20s). Most of my weight issues seem to be hereditary. I also have asthma, and have dealt with depression due to other reasons other than my weight. I have tried exercising (though with difficulty due to asthma) and dieting since I was in my early teens and have lost very little if any weight. The majority of the weight is around my abdomen. I am looking at doing plastic surgery on the abdomen, back, upper arms, under my chin, love handles, and thighs. Realistically, I would be doing this at separate times. Would you recommend it?

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BMI over 40 is associated with high rate of complications

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With a BMI over 40, you are at an exceptionally higher risk of complications from surgery as well as general medical problems. You should consider bariatric surgery if all other attempts at weight loss have failed.

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