Pigmentation on Back? (photo)

4years ago i noticed a brown mark on my back tat was not present before im 25yr old female medically fit ive used several acne treatments for my back previously ive consulted alot of dermatologists but still no diagnosis i was told postinflamatory pigmenation, acanthosis nigricans, melanosis, nevus id like to know the diagnosis and cause of this lesion?? and any possible treatments? now i am using unitone 4 cream twice daily antibrown spots ur opinion is appreciated thanks

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Skin Pigmentation on Back

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Thanks for asking that question!  Unfortunately, there is no way to make an accurate diagnosis with a photograph alone.  However, if it is a "benign" or non-cancerous/precancerous patch of skin, Fraxel laser treatments work wonderfully in my experience.  Seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who offers this procedure and get a formal consultation.  Best wishes!

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