What is Photo Facial on Hands

Hello, I went to a local "spa laser center" hoping to see someone who had done - successfully - her age spots on hands and lower arms, but they convinced me to start that day and I did, to take advantage of their deal of the moment. I had one application of what they call "photo facial" and no mention or writing that it was an IPL. So far I observe that the darker spots became darker and with a crust as I was told they would, but my lighter spots didn't get darker at all,and I'm afraid it may mean their laser didn't do the job...I hesitate to take more applicatins if it won't help? I have a multiple question which I hope to have clarified? ( 1) Did you hear of "photo facial"? If so, what type of laser is it? Also is it one of the better ones? (The operator mentioned I'll feel a little cold on places my skin was touched). (2) What exactly means "IPL" and how does it compare with the rest of the lasers...if it IS a laser? (3) Read somewhere a laser can remove wrinkles from hands. What type of laser can do that, and does it really remove wrinkles? If so, how long the "new" hands will last? Same question about the tiny hair-like veins on hands? (4) Lastly, which type of laser would you recommend for the 3 culprits on my hands and arms: age spots, fine veins and wrinkles? Please forgive lengthy questions and do hope and anticipate my thanks to hear your valuable opinion.

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