I Had a Photo Facial Today, and Have Burn Lines Across My Neck, Normal?

I have "burned" lines across my neck, I do have fair skin, does that mean my treatment was too much? I already notice my discoloration of my cheeks which I heard is normal. My neck though is really red and looks freaky. This can't be normal..

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The skin on the neck is more sensitive than the skin on the face.  Continue to avoid/minimize sun exposure and wear a good sunscreen.  I encourage you to see your provider for follow-up.

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Photofacial and red spots

Pinkness for about one day after a photofacial is normal.  You can apply cold compresses every few hours.  If the red lines persist after a day, the settings were probably too high.  Necks are very sensitive and require conservative treatments.  Use sun protection and return to your physician for assessment.

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This is unfortunately common.  The neck is very sensitive, and burns easily.  Avoid the sun, use spf 30 or greater, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Board Certified Dermatologist for guidance.

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Hard to know what you have here without at least a photo.

It is very possible to burn the skin with photofacial.  This look just awful at first and then generally it calms down.  The skin can actually blister.  If you did blister, skin care is very helpful to facilitate resolution of the skin burn.  Individuals with more skin pigment are at increase risk for having their skin burned by this technology.  Call your office that treated you and let them examine you and decide what needs to be done to manage the situation.  The next time you are treated (if there is a next time) the energy settings should be reduced to avoid this type of issue.

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Is redness normal after a photofacial

Redness can persist from several hours to one day after a photofacial, although most of the time it subsides relatively quickly.

The important thing is that there should be no burning or pain or blistering.  You can apply some ice for 5-10 minutes every 2 hours.  Make sure you are protecting the skin from getting an ice burn.

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