Can my skin still be treated? (Photo)

I got acne scars onmy cheek and i dont know what those bumps are on my nose. can someone please help

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Acne scars and eMatrix, Fraxel, and injections

There are times when a combination of treatments are necessary to get rid of acne scars.  I would suggest a combination of injections like Restylane to lift the scars and Fraxel or eMatrix to improve these scars.  Please consult an expert in scar treatments for the best results.  

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Box car scars mixed scars, elastolysis on nose

Scars on your cheeks are mixed, namely box car scars, ice pick, atrophic and tethered. Multiple treatments are needed. A good starting point is fractional laser. 

Nose- bumps are secondary to loss collagen. This is commonly seen in patients who suffer from acne scars. Essentially the collagen and elastin supporting the pilosebaceous units are destroyed by inflammation. Lack of this scaffolding causes bumps or herniations on the surface. The solution? Restimulation of collagen with laser. A series of CO2 fractional laser can improve things by up to 30-50%. Results vary. 

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