Is it normal not having flaky, dry and burning sensation on my skin while on epiduo medication?

ive been using epiduo for 3 successive days already, but no burning sensation unlike the other reviews i usually see in the internet that they are having burn,dry,flaky on their skin. is it still working on me despite of not having these unsual side effects?what could be the reason for me not having those effects?

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Epiduo and expectations

Thank you for your question. The burning, flaking, and dry sensation that you are reading about are common side effects of Epiduo, but those symptoms do not mean that the medication is more effective. Each person's response and tolerance to Epiduo varies. It's great that you are not experiencing those side effects, and I would continue using Epiduo nightly. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist regarding your questions and concerns about treatment. Take care and good luck. 

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