Possible to Permanently Get Rid of Marionette Lines Non-surgically?

I'd like to know, is it possible to get rid of marionette lines on the sides of the mouth permanently without cosmetic surgery?

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Silikon-1000 may be used, by experienced physicians, to permanently minimize marionette lines.

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Silikon-1000 is a wonderful, permanent Injectable Filler that is frequently used to minimize the appearance of marionette lines. The serial puncture,micro-droplet technique must be used, and treatments are painless with topical anesthetic. Several treatments are typical, and your results are permanent.

Complications are infrequent and include a 2% chance of developing bumps or nodules at the sites of injection. These are typically easy to treat with either dilute triamcinolone injections or occasionally light electrosurgery. The vast majority of my patients are thrilled by their results.

I've attached a link to my Silikon-1000 photos for your perusal.

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent non surgical correction of nasolabial folds

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The only FDA approved filler that offers permenant correction of the nasolabial folds is Artefill, a collagen and polymethacrylate filler where the collagen goes away and the PMA remains. It is expensive and usually takes several injections to reach full correction. The other choice is microdroplet silicone injection. Silicone is an approved injectable intend for use in the eye, and in the skin it is considered an "off label" application.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Permanent solution for marionette lines

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There are several options for addressing marionette lines permanently. Fat can be taken from a patient's abdomen or thighs and injected into the lines. When this is done though, additional techniques should be undertaken to undermine the attachment of the lines to deeper structures or the fat may result in a worsening of appearance.

In terms of dermal fillers, the only product approved by the FDA for permanent filling of lines is Artefill. There are long term complications associated with Artefill, though the rate is rather low, and patients do have to have skin testing before injection.

Dr. Joseph mentions Silikon-1000. Silikon-1000 is a medical grade silicone product. As he notes, this can be used for as a facial filler but this is an off label use of the product and one that is often frowned upon by the US FDA. Though good results can be obtained, if you are considering silicone you MUST..MUST..MUST use a physician who has experience with silicone. Again, there are some long term complications which can occur as well.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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