What is the Best Permanent Treatment for my Dark Undereye Circles?

First off, I am 19 and I am very self-conscious of my dark circles, due to heredity. They are lighter on the outside, and darker towards the inner area, up to the bridge of my nose. The only long-term solution to disguise them has been tanning, which is leaving damage to my face. They are not very dark, but they are definatley noticable. What is the best permanent solution for my dark circles? Thank You!

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There is no permanent solution to dark circles

Please be very careful out there.  There is no permanent solution for the dark circles.  So if someone promised you something, you are very likely to be at best disappointed with the results and at the worst scarred for life. There are very good temporary treatments and some of these can last for over a year in the form of hyaluronic acid fillers.  Occasionally a small amount of lower eyelid fat can be removed in the lower eyelid with some improvement by these are on a case by case basis.  Good luck and be careful what you look for.

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