Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss. What Are My Options?

i dont want girls laughing at my loose skin, I thought being in a band would help my confidence but it has not. i have lost weight went from 90kg to 50kg, with this i have loose skin which i tried everything to get rid off. my lower left part of my stomach seems to be bloated, i would like to know how to get rid of the loose skin without surgery, asked the doctor and said there was nothing to worry about. i am 21 years old btw.

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Loose skin after weight loss options.

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss as this is a wonderful accomplishment! With that degree of reduction I would think that the skin is very redundant and not amenable to less invasive (non-surgical) methods of tightening. These modalities usually give mild to modest results. Sometimes a panniculectomy (excision of the extra skin and fatty tissue) of the lower abdomen is covered by insurance if you have medical symptoms of moisture, rashes, odor, infections or low back pain. If you would feel comfortable posting a photo, I could give a little more detailed recommendation.


I would suggest finding a board certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your case in person and explore the feasibility of insurance coverage and other treatment options. Good luck.

Loose skin after weight loss

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Congratulations on your weight loss! Without seeing you in person and performing a medical evaluation, it’s difficult to determine which procedure will give you the results you want. I can say confidently, however, that non-surgical procedures are only marginally effective in removing or tightening loose skin. Surgical removal is almost always necessary after dramatic weight loss. I understand your hesitation about undergoing surgery, but I think that you will be much more satisfied in the long term if you choose a procedure that can give you more substantial results. Good luck!

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